Therapeutics for unmet medical needs

Signal Pharma is a joint University of Aberdeen and University of Toronto venture.  Signal was founded in Aberdeen in 2013 with private funding from a local business angel.  Signal takes discoveries on novel targets and agents with therapeutic potential and aims to develop these through to a late preclinical stage prior to licensing. 


Therapeutics for the treatment of cardiovascular disease

Therapeutics for the treatment of pain

Therapeutics for the treatment of type-2 diabetes

Signal Pharma is a privately-funded company, based in the Institute of Medical Sciences, Aberdeen.  Signal has been set up to commercialise the innovative biological discoveries coming from the Kosterlitz Centre for Therapeutics and the Toronto Centre for Collaborative Drug Research. Signal aims to develop a portfolio of highly promising early-stage therapeutics projects, which might otherwise fall into the "valley of death" and represent a missed opportunity for medical advances, and take them to such a stage (ideally candidate selection) as they can be licensed to pharma or biotech.


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